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A communal drain is one that is used by more than one flat or household. Dial A Rod have a huge amount of experience in fixing communal drainage problems.


We try to deal with the problem as efficiently as possible, and ensure that each property owner pays their share by dividing up any invoices evenly.


If you have a problem with a communal drainage system or pipes in Edinburgh, call Dial A Rod for a fast response.

"I called Dial A Rod to clear my only toilet at 12.00 am. Half an hour later they arrived and cleared my toilet; turned out the outside drain required clearing, toilet is now clear.



Thanks again Dial A Rod."

- George Harvest

If your drain needs clearing, call Dial A Rod today on:

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We only use the latest equipment and, most of the time, any problems with a communal drain can be fixed with manual intervention. However, sometimes we come across more complicated situations which may involve a collapsed drain. A CCTV inspection can help identify exactly what is causing the problem, and the video of the inspection is made available to all tenants and home owners on YouTube. The full survey is also attached, so everyone can see exactly what is causing the problem.

CCTV inspections for communal drains in Edinburgh

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